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Trinity golf team looking forward to upcoming season

MORGANTOWN — The Trinity Christian golf team is expanding and gaining experience as it prepares for a season that will return to some form of normalcy.

“We’re just looking forward to what seems like more of a normal year, starting on-time and getting out there and playing. I think the kids are excited to get out there and have a more normal season,” head coach Brian Golden said.

Golden is entering his third year leading the Warriors golf team that has nearly tripled in size from three members to possibly nine during his tenure. The team is a mixture of all classes but is led by its young core.

“Two of our top golfers last year were freshmen, Will McPhereson and Eddie Tutor, so them coming back with that experience playing with good golfers will help us competitively going forward,” Golden said.

But according to Golden, the team’s standout player is McPhereson.

“Will is one of the better players, he was our number-one golfer last year. I think he’s got a good future if he keeps working at it,” he said

McPhereson got his start in golf by going to the course with his father and never turned back. After coming off of a good season last year as the one-seed of the team, McPhereson is confident that this season will be even better.

“I think it is going to go great. I love the game, God blessed me with this great talent, and I want to put it out there,” he said.

McPhereson has already been out on the course this summer to prepare for the upcoming season at The Pines Country Club, but wishes he could play more.

“I’ve played 10 rounds of golf this year already. I haven’t been to any golf practices yet but I go out with one of my teammates to the pines, Hayden Lynch; he’s pretty good,” he said.

The team will play local schools as they travel the area when they are not at their home course at The Pines Country Club, but Golden sees the opportunities not only as a match, but also a time to make new friends and improve at the game.

“We play Clay-Battelle and Notre Dame, who we’re always competitive with, so it’s fun to get out there. Golf is not like other sports where there’s not really trash talk going on, but it’s good for the kids to make friends with these other schools and kids from different areas. It’s good for social skills,” he said.

For Golden, the most-important lesson for his team is the skills they will learn throughout match play that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

“Golf is the best for learning life skills like integrity and working hard and how it pays off. If you have integrity you see how much better you get. I feel like it’s arguably the best sport for that because you keep your own score and your own discipline; you can really improve life skills,” he said.

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