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Water board hears about leaks, takes requests for bill adjustments

KINGWOOD — Water and leak adjustments took up a large portion of the Tuesday evening meeting of the Kingwood Water Board.

Joyce Bernatowicz said her water and sewer bill came to about $6,000 due to a soaker hose that was somehow opened. Bernatowicz said she was not asking for an adjustment to her water bill, just her sewer bill.

She told board members she believed she had to seek an adjustment with the waterboard before she could request an adjustment on her sewer bill.

Board President Robert DeRiggi said Bernatowicz could request a sewer adjustment without one from the water board. He said he would attend the sewer board meeting with Bernatowicz to explain why this could be done.

Another Kingwood resident, who was not on the agenda to speak, said he had been a customer since 1988 and owned a building across from Crown Homes.

“One month my water bill said I used 4,000 gallons of water, then 400 gallons and then almost 11,000 gallons,” he said.

He said he couldn’t find a leak and the only water going into the building was to a commode, which he said he also checked and couldn’t find a leak.

DeRiggi said the cause could be an intermittent leak in the commode. He said the city would help find the leak and invited the customer to get on the agenda for the next meeting.

Also discussed was the Herring Road Project. The two-part contract will provide water to roughly 60 new customers once it’s completed.

 During its April meeting, the board announced Contract B of the project would be completed first. However, 2-inch pipe for the project could not be delivered until June 10.

Due to the delay, contract A was set to begin May 24. Project A included All Hollow and Concord roads.

Contract B is a water line extension for Bradley Memorial Drive and Big Bend Drive. Once started, it will take roughly 40 to 45 days to complete, according to Tim Rice, senior engineer of Potesta Engineering and Environmental Consultants.

A.J. Burk from Horner was awarded the contract for both part A and B of the project, Rice said a Notice to Proceed has been given to the contractor. A Notice to Proceed is a notification letter indicating that performance should begin under a construction contract.

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