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Geico Motorcycle High Point National set for this weekend

MOUNT MORRIS, Pa. – The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Makes is returning to Mount Morris this year and is bringing in some local competition.

Vincent Harrison from Reedsville and Nick Fratz-Orr from Oakland, Md., have been participating in motocross their entire lives and are returning to their home track this weekend after last year’s race was canceled.

Harrison got his start when he was around 9 years old by joining his friends in riding motorcycles and then started racing locally in 2010. This weekend’s race isn’t something new to Harrison though, as he’s been waiting for this moment since he got started.

“I’ve always dreamed as a kid getting to do this pro national. This is actually my first year getting to High Point so to actually get to live the dream you’ve had since you were a child it’s pretty surreal,” Harrison said.

Fratz-Orr’s passion started in 2000 when he and his brother got their first bike and never looked back.

“We never really thought we would become professional’s but when we started we thought we were pros even though we couldn’t even jump. We just kept racing and went to different events and bigger races as we went on,” Fratz-Orr said.

The path back to this weekend’s event hasn’t been easy though as Harrison had to overcome fracturing two vertebrae in his back in October.

“I was in a back brace for nine weeks, I had to do a ton of physical therapy and gradually ease back into riding, working out, and normal day to day life. I’m recovered now and have been riding for about three or four months now. It’s a slow process but I’m getting back into it,” he said.

For Fratz-Orr it’s a battle between working in real-estate, becoming engaged, and motocross. 

“I do as much as I can with the time that I’ve got,” he said. “As far as routine goes there really is no routine. It’s just wake up every day and do as much as I possibly can.”

This weekend High Point Raceway will be at full capacity and the past events lack of fans is not something Harrison and Fratz-Orr have let go unnoticed.

“With the reduced crowds you can’t mingle in the pits because nobody can come see you so the vibe is not what it used to be but hopefully soon that will all be taken away and we can be back to normal and have that same environment,” Fratz-Orr said.

“You don’t have the intensity. Overall the general fans make racing a lot better than having zero fans there,” Harrison said. “It’s going to be really intense this weekend having people back. Last year I did nationals and you don’t get the same experience as with a limited crowd or no crowd.”

When the two are not hard at work to improve their times on the track, they like to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Harrison enjoys being outdoors and eating at as many restaurants as he can, while Ftratz-Orr spends his free time boating while also flipping houses.

The Geico Motorcycle High Point National takes place Saturday at Mount Morris’ High Point Raceway where event practice and qualifying begins at 8 a.m.

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