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Public access to Tanios hearing cut short

MORGANTOWN — A status hearing for George Tanios, the Morgantown business owner accused of taking part in the events of Jan. 6 at the Capitol, was only accessible to the public for a short period of time.

The public line went silent shortly after the hearing started and rejoining the conference service did not fix the issue. The call then when dead, dropping participants.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gilead Light told U.S. Senior District Judge Thomas Hogan that there had been “good progress” in turning over discovery in the case. Discovery is the legal term for the sharing of evidence. Light said he expects progress to continue over the next month.

Tanios and his childhood friend and co-defendant Julian Khater are being held in jail in Washington, D.C. Both have appealed the ruling that they should be detained until trial.

According to the government, Tanios bought pepper spray in Morgantown Jan. 5 that was used by Khater against three police officers Jan. 6. One of those officers was Brian Sicknick, who died the day after the riots. However, the chemical spray did not cause his death, according to an autopsy. Each man faces 10 criminal charges.

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