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Star City election results are in

STAR CITY — The ballot count for the Town of Star City’s 2021 municipal election was officially closed by 9:30 Tuesday night after officials went through all but one ballot cast by Star City residents.

The candidates in the Star City election were officially announced in early February. At the time, 10 candidates were running in the election. That number included incumbents.

Mayor Herman Reid and Recorder Steven Blinco ran unopposed and will retain their seats.

Two previous Star City Council members, Sharon Doyle and Todd Gregg, ran for reelection. There were a total of five council seats up for election this year. The other candidates for the five council seats were Dale Brown Sr., Lynette DeChristopher, Grant Dovey, Gregory Epps, Tina Talerico-Iqunito and Cindy Baniak-Ulrich.

Reid received 98 votes and Blinco 84 votes for reelection. The post-election council lineup is as follows:

  • Sharon Doyle, 75 votes for reelection
  • Todd Gregg, 66 votes for reelection
  • Lynette DeChristopher, 65 votes
  • Tina Talerico-Iquinto, 52 votes
  • Cindy Baniak-Ulrich, 46 votes. Ulrich previously served on Star City Council from 2017-19.

Reid said that council must now canvass the votes to ensure everything was counted correctly. This will be done at council’s next meeting on June 29.

Officials who won reelection will carry on their duties in their positions without any delay.

Council members who did not run for reelection or win reelection will no longer wear the title of council member as of July 1, as that is when the newly elected council members will assume their roles.

Reid said there was one provisional ballot cast by an individual who was not registered to vote in Star City. The vote was not counted Tuesday but will be reviewed during Council’s canvassing later this month.

“It could be counted by council, but I doubt it,” he said.

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