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Name-calling leads to confrontation between councilman, Westover resident

A response to a citizen’s comment by Councilmember-at-Large Steve Andryzcik during a Westover city council meeting resulted in a confrontation outside city chambers Monday night.

Charles “Alli’”Jackson, a resident of Westover, asked council members about the recent appointment of Councilmember-At-Large Duane Tater. He also questioned why City Attorney Tim Stranko attends all council meetings and has a platform to speak during each meeting. 

“Council, you can take it for what it’s worth or you can sit on your hands and do like you’ve done in the past and not do anything to address it,” Jackson said. “That’s been my experience coming to council meetings.”

Andryzcik called Jackson “an ass” as Jackson returned to his seat.

In response, Jackson asked, “You called me an asshole?” Andryzcik replied, “Ass — not asshole — ass. Yeah, I did.”

Following Andryzcik’s comment, Jackson told Andryzcik he was being unprofessional, to which Andryzcik said, “So are you.” 

Andryzcik and Jackson confronted each other outside the council chambers following the meeting. Both began raising their voices and the confrontation did not disperse until Westover Police Chief Joe Adams separated the two.

“I demand the mayor give me and make him give a public apology,” Jackson said. “And if he don’t, well, we’ll cross a bridge when we get to it.”

Another person at the meeting called for Andryzcik’s resignation following the confrontation.

“I served this country for you to be professional,” he said. “… That’s ridiculous. You should resign.” 

When asked for further comment, Andryzcik said, “I think I pretty much said it all there.”

Other business

Doug Smith, senior project manager for The Thrasher Group Inc., said the estimate of the reconstruction of Holland Avenue is now at $2.5 million following underground investigations.

Despite the cost, Stranko said the city aims to complete the project with no debt through potential partnerships and additional funding sources. 

“I’m sure that as council, you don’t want to write a check for $2.5 million tomorrow and get this project started,” Smith said. “You’re going to want to look at how many different sources you can get to be partners in this and to reduce your fiscal liability.”

Smith said although the cost is high, the estimation is intended to be on the safe side.

Council members also unanimously approved the second reading of an ordinance regarding employee pay rates. 

An ordinance amending and reenacting an article regarding the limit on the number of dogs and small animals, as well as an article regarding the keeping of fowl, was also unanimously approved. Mayor Dave Johnson said the goal of these amendments is to make the articles easier for the public to locate and understand.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. June 22.

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