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Clay-Battelle’s Sydney Wilson receives accolades for softball performance

BLACKSVILLE, W.Va. – Recent Clay-Battelle graduate Sydney Wilson has put on quite a performance this softball season. 

Wilson is the recipient of the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference 2A Player of the Year award. Over the course of the season, she has spent her time on the mound every game, appearing day in and day out. 

“It’s definitely a great honor and I’m very excited for myself and my future,” she said.

Wilson has also been productive at the plate with her favorite memory this season being, “When we beat Magnolia at their field and I hit the walk off homerun to win the game.”

Being the ace pitcher of a team can be nerve racking and Wilson admitted to struggling with confidence in the past, but now she credits her ability to stay focused to her father, Travis.

“I tend to calm down and be more within myself when I find my dad in the stands,” she said. “He gives me that reassurance that I’m fine and I can do it.”

Wilson doesn’t work alone when pitching a game and like most pitchers, there is an accompanying great catcher. Behind the plate for her is another all-star player, Ronda Petrucci.

“I’m definitely more comfortable with my catcher, Ronda, behind the plate. She makes it 10-times easier knowing that she’s back there the whole time,” Wilson said.

Head coach David Joyce knows the value of Wilson to his team both on the diamond and in the dugout.

“This team is predominantly younger and the kids look up to her for instruction and advice. She leads by example,” he said. “As a pitcher in softball, you can go an awful long way and Sydney has carried about all of our weight. Offensively, she is a powerhouse. She’s been as strong up to bat as she has been on the mound and she is a force on the mound.”

Joyce also said that Wilson has been on the mound almost 90% of the time this season. Additionally, she has considerably aided the team’s offense with the home-run ball. Being the do-it-all of the team doesn’t come overnight, though.

Wilson has faced 412 batters this season and has struck out 229 of them with an ERA of just over 2.00. At the plate, her on-base percentage is 67% with six home runs and 13 stolen bases.

Wilson has improved over the past year, especially concerning her stamina, which was showcased with her ability to stay on the mound for almost the entirety of her games. Joyce credits it to her non-stop sports schedule, playing basketball and in a travel softball league. With little to no down time, it’s obvious she dedicated her life to sports and the proof is in the pudding. 

Awards and accolades are not why Wilson plays the game. She said her motivation for playing softball is to make her family proud.

“Softball has been a big thing in our family for a very long time and I like seeing all of their smiling faces after a game,” she said.

Wilson has committed to playing softball next year at Waynesburg University.

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