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Site work for The Deck slated to begin in about a month

MORGANTOWN — Pittsburgh-based developer Hardy World expects site work at 1050 University Ave. — the vacant lot between Sheetz and the former Bartlett House location — to begin in about a month.

The lot is the future home of The Deck, a two-story, nonresidential, mixed-use building housing retail on the ground floor and office space and/or retail up top.

“We expect drawings for the building to be 100% complete on the 22nd, so Thursday. Then we’ll submit for the building permit,” Hardy World Associate Corporate Council Logan Williams explained.

“As far as site work, we’re planning for mobilization on May 20, so there will be some machinery and whatnot delivered to the site. Then site work will begin shortly after that. Construction should start somewhere around July 5.” 

Williams said a lease is being finalized with a national coffee chain that will serve as the anchor tenant for the roughly 14,500 square-foot building.

He went on to say marketing for the project just recently ramped up again after the decision was made to move forward. 

“We were finalizing construction numbers and making sure we were going to be moving forward with the project because the price of everything has gone up significantly. So we went back to the drawing board to make sure it still made sense,” Williams said, noting “We had a couple projects where the costs jumped up over 30 percent. Everything is so scarce and expensive right now.”

According to the Hardy World website, The Deck will be accessible by pedestrians on three sides and include 41 parking spaces split between the front and rear of the building, which will be two stories along its University Avenue frontage and one story along Chestnut Street.

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