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Hazardous waste products collection day set for Aug. 7

We all know plastics are bad for the environment, but another recycling question that stumps many people is what  to do with hazardous waste products that collect at home.

Lynn Castro, solid waste administrator with the Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority, said MCSWA is working with the Morgantown Utility Board  to advertise its Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, which is held annually and will take place  Aug. 7 this year.

“One of the things I’ve identified working in the office … is a lot of the questions [residents] have, have more to do with how to dispose of those hard-to-dispose-of items or recycle them if possible, which typically are those household hazardous waste items,” Castro said.

Castro said since there are very few places where residents can dispose of household hazardous waste, the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is “a very significant event” for Monongalia County.

In  fall  2020, Castro worked with nine West Virginia University students to create a calendar specific to recycling and the proper disposal of household hazardous waste.

“One of the reasons we did that was to educate the public about these different items, but it’s also to help them know when there’s certain events coming up throughout the year, because they’re typically not advertised very well,” Castro said.

The calendar is available on MCSWA’s website, Click on the Contact Us button at the top, complete the information and a calendar will be mailed to you.

  You can also check with  city hall or a local library, but you may want to call ahead, as only limited copies are available at those sites.


For residents who have curbside recycling in city limits, they can call Republic Services to schedule a special electronic waste pickup. It is on the fourth Friday of every month. There are also several businesses that accept electronics for recycling. Here is a link with that info:

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