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Kingwood considers change to business license fees

KINGWOOD – Kingwood City Council is considering a possible change in business licenses. Council would like to make getting the licenses easier for both business owners and the employees who work with them.

Councilwoman Tina Turner said she has done some research and found other counties do a fixed charge. She said that appeared to be easier than the city’s current system.

“I found some licensing forms that were used in the past,” she said. “With a change in terminology and by adding a few more businesses, it would make the system easier for the staff.”

She said charging the same fee across the board would also make record keeping easier. For instance, Preston Memorial is charged different fees depending on a worker’s job.

“They have $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, depending on the worker’s job. Turner said. “Think $5 for each individual. If you have five people, it would be $25.”

Councilman Michael Livengood said council could charge $10 if they thought the $5 was too low.

“Accufund  (the city’s current software) can design a business form designated for business. All we have to do is pay for their time,” City Clerk Michelle Whetsell said.

Whetsell said the clerk’s office has  received a lot of phone calls about the upcoming craft show, and whether the vendors needed to have a business license.

She said her office accepts credit cards and can mail out a participant’s city  license in advance.

“I’ve sent out 95 email applications all over West Virginia,” Curtis Stiles, owner of C& R Woodworking, said. Stiles proposed the craft show at the last council meeting.

“All of the items are handmade by the vendors who pay sales taxes and have to show their business license,” he said. “They have to report their income to you and the state.”

Stiles said the craft show is scheduled for May 8 and will be in the civic center parking lot.  He said he told participants it would be canceled in case of rain and will not rescheduled.

“That’s why they’re not getting their licenses until they get here,” he said.