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Feb. 5 letters to the editor

Don’t bemoan coal; aspire to clean energy

I’m at a loss as to Hoppy Kercheval’s opinions and goals with regard to his column on Biden and coal (DP-01-22-21).

Mr. Kercheval: As opposed to sowing seeds of dissension, frustration over ‘possible’ negative outcomes, how about using your public platform to encourage, uplift, rally?

West Virginia could use this opportunity — yes, opportunity — as coal production has significantly lessened, to creatively and innovatively solve a very real and present danger of energy sources — specifically clean energy sources.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if West Virginia decided to lead the nation, the world even, by intensely studying the very real problem of current methods of coal production, and come up with “better mousetraps,” if you will?

How about we, West Virginia citizens who tend to proudly be “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” kind of folks, stop whining about the return of coal as we have known it, and use our intellect, capability and ingenuity to solve this very real and present danger? We have — in our backyard, no less — WVU’s College of Engineering and Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to assist us (“New energy conversion system built by WVU engineers will bridge gap between renewable energy and power grid,” WVU Today, Dec. 3, 2020). Let’s utilize our best and our brightest.

Fact: Coal accounted for approximately 58% of the U.S.’s electrical needs in 1985. In 2019, coal accounted for 23.4%. Fact: fossil fuels are the leading source of carbon emissions. Our planet is warming and warming and warming. We ignore this at our peril, and at the peril of our future generations.

West Virginians have the opportunity to make a difference.

Mr. Kercheval, how about exhorting, motivating and inspiring us —  the  sons and daughters of our great state — to set the bar higher? We can do better. Indeed our very lives depend upon our trailblazing, thoughtful acumen.

Eleanor Green

Hate unacceptable, but not front page news

Hey there, Former Delegate Frich! You started this mess and now you have the unmitigated chutzpah to blame The Dominion Post for calling you out. You took it upon yourself to make disparaging remarks about a transgender woman — that’s where it started. Why did you feel it was necessary to make offensive remarks about a Biden appointee? It makes you look like a sore loser and you also exposed yourself as anti-LGBTQ+. Why was that necessary? What did you hope to accomplish besides proclaiming your ignorance?

Once you say hateful things towards anyone, it’s the height of hypocrisy to fall back on “protecting family values” when you’re called out. You’re not protecting anyone’s “family values;” instead you’re fomenting intolerance and hatred. If disrespecting transgender people is part of your  family values construct, keep it to yourself.

Furthermore, you’re not an elected official any more. Nobody cares about you or your toxic attitude since you’re thankfully no longer in a position to shape policy for West Virginia citizens. You never did represent me, because I’m not a hater and I don’t vote for those who do. It looks like your brand of ignorance disguised as “conservatism” isn’t in demand. The voters have moved on, and so should you.

The Dominion Post is feeding the fire by publishing this embarrassing and offensive affair on the front page. If this childish mess had to be published at all, it should have been buried next to the used car ads. The Dominion Post shouldn’t encourage this kind of pointless drama and hate mongering. Cindy Frich’s little hissy fit should be ignored rather than sensationalized: She and other haters must not be encouraged and emboldened. I’m tired of hearing about another ignorant conservative called out for acting badly and saying stupid, hateful things. At least the headline should have been more honest and to the point: “Has-been former delegate banned for acting badly.”

Elaine Wolfe