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Kingwood considers annexing water, sewer and garbage facilities

KINGWOOD – Kingwood Council is asking the Planning Commission to look into annexing land along Showerbath Road.

The city garbage transfer station, water treatment plant and sewer plant are located along the road. All are outside the city limits, which recently has created a problem, Mayor Jean Guillot said at Tuesday’s council meeting.

People have been dumping trash at the transfer station after hours. They aren’t paying for disposal and the trash is lying around. City officers can’t investigate or file charges for the incidents because it is outside their jurisdiction.

“Litter control [officer] for the county is busy. It’s not a high priority for the sheriff’s deputies to investigate dumping garbage down at the transfer station,” Guillot said.

Annexation can be done by petitioning the county commission. Guillot said he discussed possible annexation of the area with the prosecuting attorney and one county commissioner.

“There’s no gain or loss by the county,” because there are no private homes along the narrow, winding road, which leads from W.Va. 26 below the Heldreth to W.Va. 72, Guillot said.

Guillot suggested sending the question of annexation on to the Kingwood Planning Commission, which could follow up on the idea and make a recommendation to council. Council agreed.

Council also:

  • Agreed that people who plan to do outdoor burning must go to city hall to complete a form, which is free. This ensures police will know who has a permit to burn and provides the person is aware of city regulations on outdoor burning.
  • Was told by City Clerk Michelle Whetsell that she and members of the Blueprint Community committee met with the owners of the Schwab building, which is located at the corner of W.Va. 7 and Price Street. They discussed the city’s concerns about the condition of the building and suggested some programs the owner can turn to for help. Another meeting is scheduled.
  • Was updated by Councilman Mike Lipscomb on Kingwood’s request that the State Division of Highways put a crosswalk from the rail trail to the Craig Civic Center parking lot, tying together recreational areas. There won’t be a crosswalk, Lipscomb said, but signage will be provided for parking areas.