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Preston man suspect in two murders

KINGWOOD — A Preston County assistant prosecutor said she will seek a grand jury indictment for a second murder against Andrew Woods Prudnick.

Assistant Prosecutor Megan Fields made the statement during a bond modification hearing Wednesday in Preston County Magistrate Court.

Prudnick, 28, who is charged with the November 2020 murder of Ryan Sines of Friendsville, Md., is a person of interest in the death of Todd Mitchell Saunders, 56, of Valley Point, Fields said.

“The sheriff’s department believes he’s involved in another murder,” Fields said. “Todd Saunders resided with Prudnick and he is 100% a person of interest in Saunders’ murder. I will be seeking first-degree murder charges with the grand jury.”

Prudnick’s attorneys, Ed Rollo and Mark J. Sutton, argued the $1 million cash-only bond in the Sines case is excessive and should be lowered. Rollo said another option would be to put Prudnick on home confinement.

He said if put on home confinement, his client would live with his mother, who is a counselor for Hospice.

“He’s never been in trouble before,” Rollo said. “He’s a college graduate and a practicing LPN (licensed practical nurse) at Hopemont.”

He said there was no way his client could fund a $1 million cash bond.

Rollo said bond is a guarantee the accused will show up for hearings and should be lowered to $50,000 or alternatively his client should be placed on home confinement.

Fields disagreed.

“I would say two people don’t believe the $1 million cash-only bond is in excess, myself, my office and Magistrate Eugene Jenkins,” she said. “I don’t dispute he has no prior record and he did call 911 and stayed at the scene, but the court must consider public safety.”

Fields said Prudnick is facing years in prison and has the means to leave the area.

Rollo said Prudnick doesn’t have the resources to leave the area. He said Prudnick’s grandparents are paying his attorney fees and Prudnick doesn’t have access to their accounts.

Rollo said his client stayed at the scene of the shooting and gave Sines CPR, called 911 and didn’t resist arrest.

He said to satisfy the court that his client would show up for hearings if 10% of a lowered bond would be placed with the court.

“The court has to consider public safety,” Fields said. “He lived with Saunders and never reported him missing. We have him flipping off cameras (at Hopemont), arguing and we’re potentially looking at two first-degree murders.”

Magistrate Bo Ward denied the bond reduction.

“Mr. Prudnick, your attorneys and the prosecuting attorney both made good arguments. I am leaving your bond at $1 million. It can be taken up later with the circuit court. Your request is denied.”