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Bruceton woman charged with trespassing at Hazelton prison

HAZELTON — A Bruceton Mills woman was charged with trespassing after police said she tried to gain entry to USP Hazelton by claiming she was a Navy SEAL.

Bond was set at $5,000 for Leslie Ann Gorman, 55. She is charged with trespassing and obstructing an officer.

According to a criminal complaint by Preston Sheriff’s Lt. T.E. Mitter, a guard at the prison called Preston 911 Wednesday and said Gorman came to the gate saying she was a Navy SEAL and was there looking for an undercover DEA agent “who intended to destroy himself.”

Gorman refused to leave and “told them she had a knife and showed them a packaged kitchen knife and even waved it in the passenger seat, though not at anyone in particular,” according to the complaint.

Officers blocked Gorman’s Toyota truck with a cruiser to prevent her from entering the prison further, and blocked other employees from entering past her.

“However, Ms. Gorman could still back up and leave to which she refused to do so,” the complaint says.

Mitter wrote that when he arrived, Gorman told him about the DEA agent and showed him her federal identification as a Navy SEAL. Mitter said the identification was from the Department of Veterans affairs and “declared that Ms. Gorman is a member of the cleaning staff.”

“Lt. Mitter advised Ms. Gorman that her ID doesn’t allow her on this facility and she stated she wasn’t told to leave.”