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Two more COVID cases in Mon schools

A respite from the coronavirus that Mon Schools Superintendent Eddie Campbell has been hoping for this week hasn’t happened yet.
A teacher at Suncrest Elementary tested positive over the weekend, along with another staffer at Cheat Lake Elementary.
The news comes after last Wednesday’s spate of back-to-back cases in the district that put several into quarantine as a result.
Four positive diagnoses were made then at Cheat Lake Elementary, Ridgedale Elementary and Suncrest Middle.
And 91 students, plus four other employees from across the schools who may have been exposed were told to isolate as a precaution.
The most recent case at Cheat Lake Elementary, Campbell said, doesn’t appear to be related to last week’s case there.
Last week’s cases came after the district announced it was going all-remote through Dec. 4, to take in the days before and after Thanksgiving.
The idea, the superintendent said, is to not have the turkey and trimmings turn into a super-spreader event.
COVID-19 is quite infectious and the holiday has a tradition of gatherings among family and friends.
“Hopefully, we’ll have a respite,” Campbell said then.
He said Monday he’s also hoping that he doesn’t have to count additional quarantines like blessings and dinner rolls at the table — even though that’s likely, he allowed.
Remote learning or not, he said, it’s all protocol.
“It won’t be as bad as last week,” he said, “but we’ll still have to do it when people get back.”

Deputy Superintendent Donna Talerico said the district is  sorting through the newest cases on the COVID-19 roll call.
Look for the possibility of three or four more teachers and staffers at Suncrest Elementary being asked to isolate, perhaps, she said — along with maybe “a handful” of students.
“Several students,” at Cheat Lake Elementary may be asked to quarantine, once it’s all done, she said.
Both she and Campbell said they’re thankful for the students who diligently wear their masks and also for the teachers and aides looking after them during these pandemic days.
In the meantime, the state Department of Education on Monday reported 25 outbreaks in schools and related facilities across West Virginia — including 11 cases at George Washington High School in Charleston.