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A ‘Purr’-fect Calendar

Morgantown Public Library, Homeward Bound WV and Marion County Humane Society partner on project

by Olivia Murray 

The Morgantown Public Library  partnered with Homeward Bound WV and the Marion County Humane Society in a new calendar fundraiser.

The 2021 “Wild and Weird” calendar started as an idea the library’s marketing manager, Corina Chang, initially had last December. Planning for the project, however, did not begin until March 2020.

“This was something I wanted to do for a long time — something humorous but meaningful,” Chang said.

The inspiration for Chang’s concept came in part from firefighter calendars. 

“I wanted to recreate that, but fully clothed,” Chang said.

The collaboration features a dozen images of Morgantown Public Library staff posing with furry feline friends.

“The concept of the calendar is based on the librarian stereotype — your book-loving cat lady,” Chang said.

Once the basis of the calendar’s content was decided, the library was in need of partners to provide  the cats.

“This partnership with Homeward Bound WV and the Marion County Humane Society  evolved quite naturally,” said Chang.

While Chang was the designer, photographer and creator for  the calendar project, she said the purpose of the project was community and togetherness.

“I was looking to find community partners that had aligned values,” Chang said. “Although our missions are vastly different, this project is about sustaining into the future what is important to our community.” 

Another of Chang’s goals regarding the collaboration is for buyers to find some joy and entertainment in the product in a difficult time, while simultaneously supporting the goals of those who came together to make Chang’s idea a reality.

“Whether you care about literacy or finding homes for orphaned animals, this calendar is about sharing laughter and supporting our local institutions,” Chang said.

Frankie Spatafore, shelter manager at the Marion County Humane Society, said  the shelter is currently housing six dogs, but over 30 cats.

“We were able to advertise a few of our adoptable animals to a larger audience while also helping another organization,” Spatafore said of the collaboration with the library.

Each calendar costs $20, with additional shipping fees.

Those interested in more information on the project or in purchasing a calendar should visit the Morgantown Public Library website: 

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