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Halloween DIY Decorations

Make spooky characters and fun posters

by Aldona Bird

 For many youngsters and not so youngsters, the idea of missing Halloween is even scarier than the current pandemic. If you and your family plan to skip most spooky events this year there is no reason you can’t still have holiday-themed fun.

 With supplies you probably already have in your craft box, you and your little ones can make a variety of decorations and toys that bring the spirit of Halloween into your home so you can enjoy it without potential virus exposure.

craft supplies
An assortment of craft supplies to inspire.

 To make reverse print Halloween cards or posters: 

  •  paint, at least two colors 
  • paper, one piece for your artwork and another for cutting shapes from 
  • a paint sponge 

 Cut Halloween- or autumn-themed shapes from one piece of paper — pumpkins, bats, ghosts, witches, leaves (you can even use real leaves), etc. Place one or more shapes on another sheet of paper — dark or colored paper can add a fun touch.

 Pour some of each color paint into a container, and make sure you can easily dip your sponge in and out with one hand. With your other hand hold your shapes firmly in place. Start dabbing paint along the edges of your shape — be sure to get paint on the cutout itself so you will have a nice sharp line when finished.

 Layer paint colors, and work your way out from the shape until you like how the card or wall art looks. When finished painting, gently peel off the shape cutout, to reveal the blank shape underneath. If using a large sheet of paper, you can add more shapes and build up your cute Halloween painting.

 If you are looking for a craft with more play value for younger kids, consider making classic (or your own cute or quirky versions) spooky characters.

 For Halloween characters, you will need: 

  • toilet paper rolls 
  • paint and brushes 
  • glue 
  • colored paper and scissors 
  • googly eyes (optional) 
  • sharpie or other marker 
  • crafting felt (optional) 

 Turning toilet paper rolls into super fun figures is easy and entertaining for all ages. Simply paint or glue on colored paper, add clothing, features (wings, fangs, etc), eyes and accessories.

 Make a mummy by gluing quarter- to half-inch strips of white paper or paper towel at varying angles, leaving a little space about an inch from the top to add googly eyes or draw on eyes.

 Make a witch in a black dress by painting the top half of a roll green and adding black paper to the bottom (just wrap it, or cut rectangles and curl them out for more texture). Add paper or felt hair, draw on a face and don’t forget to make a pointy hat out of paper. This witch also would look great in a tropical-themed dress, so try painting on some colorful flowers or use bright paper for her outfit.

 Dracula looks awesome with gold, beige or white paint all over, black paper or paint for his distinct hairline, a red collar (add a cape) and bow tie, plus eyes and a big grin with fangs.

 Children and creative adults can enjoy making their own character creations. Once all the paint and glue is dry, kids will enjoy playing with these figures — or you can add them to your festive décor.

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