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Building owner sues contractor over alleged damage to downtown Kingwood building

KINGWOOD — A lawsuit has been filed over the 2019 demolition of a downtown Kingwood building, alleging the adjacent building was damaged.

Joseph F. John II, of Greensboro, Pa., filed suit against Digger’s Construction, LLC, in Preston Circuit Court last week.

As previously reported, on Jan. 29, 2019, Digger’s demolished the building at 146 S. Price St. Kingwood had sought for two years to have the building repaired on demolished. Ultimately the owner gave it to the city, which contracted for its demolition.

According to the lawsuit, John has owned the adjacent building at 144 S. Price St., Kingwood, since April 2015. He entered into an agreement with Kingwood that required removal of the debris and waste from the site “on a daily basis.”

According to the lawsuit, the debris and waste was not removed until “several weeks later.”

John also alleges in the suit that Digger’s “negligently and carelessly pulled the clap board siding from [his] building leaving the insulation and exterior boards exposed to the elements.”

Digger’s didn’t notify John of the damage or do anything to correct it, according to the lawsuit, and “the building suffered water damage and black mold formed.”

Windows were cracked and the foundation of his building damaged in the demolition as well, John alleges in the suit.

He is asking for loss of use and rental income, the cost of repairs and his attorney fees, expenses and court costs. John is being represented by attorney William C. Brewer of Brewer & Giggenbach, PLLC.

Kingwood Mayor Jean Guillot said photos and video were taken before, during and after the demolition.

The city is not named in the lawsuit. No hearing date has been set on the suit.

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