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State Police snag $1M federal grant

A $1 million federal grant awarded to the West Virginia State Police will help troopers coordinate more closely and effectively with county and local law enforcement to target methamphetamine and the illicit trafficking of opioids, including prescription drugs.

The State Police was one of only 12 agencies nationwide that successfully applied for the U.S. Department of Justice funding. The department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services offers the grants through its COPS Anti-Methamphetamine Program.

“We are pleased to be chosen to receive this grant funding to continue our efforts to fight the drug epidemic that is destroying our communities,” said Col. Jan Cahill, WVSP superintendent. “We look forward to collaborating with other agencies to serve the citizens of the state.”

The State Police is establishing multi-jurisdictional teams, coordinating with county sheriffs and municipal police chiefs. The three-year grant will help cover equipment, training, overtime and other related expenses.

“I am thankful to see the grant funding,” said Logan County Sheriff Sonya Porter, who assisted with the grant application process. “Methamphetamine and opioids have a devastating toll on our families and communities. The additional resources will have a tremendous impact on investigations, interdiction and seizure work of law enforcement.”

The goal is to ensure all law enforcement statewide can work together to combat the illegal manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil and prescription opioids. The effort underscores the State Police’s commitment to the investigation of illicit drug activities.

“I’m looking forward to working with other agencies to combat a problem that has effected so many people in this state,” said Boone County Chief Field Deputy Chad Barker.

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