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Preston finishes canvass

KINGWOOD — Preston County completed its canvass Wednesday with no changes in the overall winners.

The final tally of 9,311 ballots cast equated to a 47.85% voter turnout for the county.

The total included 80 provisional ballots and 139 absentee ballots received by mail after election day but postmarked no later than election day. The provisional ballots included people who had moved and voted in their new precinct but hadn’t changed their voter registration and voters who received but did not use absentee by mail ballots.

The vote was verified at 10 a.m. Wednesday, after two days of canvassing by Preston County commissioners. That started the clock ticking on the 48-hour window for candidates to request a recount.

In the 52nd House of Delegate Republican race, the canvass left an even narrower margin between incumbent Terri Sypolt, with 1,050 votes, and Justin Hough, with 1,026 votes. The other two candidates in the race are Robert “Mac” McCrum, with 737 votes, and Stormy Matlick, with 325 votes.

Sypolt led Hough by 30 votes prior to the canvass and by 24 after the canvass.

All the totals are available on the county’s website, www.prestoncountywv.gov