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With primary largely complete, Mon Commission race begins in earnest

MORGANTOWN — With the primary now behind us, November’s contest for the Eastern District seat on the Monongalia County Commission can begin in earnest.

Both Republican incumbent Ed Hawkins and Democrat challenger Jeff Arnett were unopposed in Tuesday’s primary.

Hawkins, the current commission president, is seeking a second six-year term. He received 5,936 votes of the 7,644 Republican ballots cast.

Arnett, seeking office for the first time, received 10,257 votes out of 13,090 Democrat ballots cast.

Both said they appreciated the support of the voters.

“It’s been an interesting time to campaign the last couple of months, and I appreciate the support,” Arnett said. “I look forward to getting out in the fall and meeting as many voters as I can to get my message out there.”

Arnett, a 47-year resident of Monongalia County, said his two decades practicing law have provided valuable experience he can bring to both the county’s fiduciary responsibilities as well as issues dealing with property and real estate.

“I have spent 20 years as a property lawyer. I understand Monongalia County real estate: Its value in the monetary sense as well as what it means to our citizens,” Arnett said. “We have a zoning issue before the commission right now that needs to be seriously debated before it is put through. These decisions can have a dramatic effect upon our property values and the way we can use our own property.”

Hawkins touted the momentum generated by the commission in recent years as a primary reason to keep him on board come November.

“The commission is all about teamwork and cooperation to achieve positive results for the community of Monongalia County,” Hawkins said. “Tax reductions three years in a row through astute budget analysis is unprecedented in government, but this commission has achieved it.”

Hawkins said he’s proud of the accomplishments achieved by the commission during his tenure.

“Working with WVU Medicine and Mon Health System to create a more effective ambulance service for the county is just one recent example. An example of a personal initiative achieved was gaining the acceptance of my fellow commissioners to have work sessions recorded and treated as meetings,” he said. “I simply ask for the opportunity to continue to serve.”

Monongalia County Assessor
Monongalia County Assessor Mark Musick, a Democrat, was also unopposed and sealed up a third, four-year term as he will also be unopposed in November’s general election.

Musick received 10,834 votes of the 13,090 Democrat ballots cast.

All results are unofficial until certified through canvassing, which begins Monday.