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Preston Schools to provide summer meals

Food this week, then break and resume June 10

KINGWOOD — Preston County Schools will continue to provide meals for all children under 18, during the summer.

After Wednesday’s delivery, schools will take a week off, then resume delivery June 10.

Dylan Bietz, child nutrition director for Preston County Schools, said bids are being sought from suppliers for the summer program.

“We do close to 2,500 meals bags,” per week, during the school year deliveries, and about the same is expected for the summer, Bietz said.

That’s in a school system with about 4,300 students.

Each meal bag is equivalent to five breakfasts and five lunches.

Families will need to sign up for the summer deliveries. That link will go up on the system’s Facebook page and home website, just as it did for school year deliveries.

 Meals will be delivered each Wednesday around the county. Those locations may differ some from the current ones but will be announced in advance. Meals will continue for about eight weeks.

Locations will include Bruceton School, Valley Point, Preston High, West Preston, Masontown Fire Hall, Terra Alta/East Preston, Aurora School, the Rowlesburg Park and South Preston School.

Bietz said although the USDA gave the county a waiver, saying it did not have to provide milk with the meals, Preston was able to do so during the school year. This summer it will not provide milk.

“I just don’t feel comfortable doing that with the heat,” in the summer, Bietz said.

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