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Kingwood Sewer Board OKs above-ground line

KINGWOOD — The Kingwood Sewer Board approved a request from a local resident who wants to cover an above-ground sewer line. The line crosses a creek at the end of Cord Street.

In a letter, Jason Haymond ask board members if he could cover the line up to the creek edge. He indicated the line was “mostly covered.”
Mayor Jean Guillot, chairman of the board, said he didn’t want it to sound like the board was approving covering up the creek.

The Dominion Post previously reported Haymond’s concerns about the above-ground sewer line at the end of Cord Street that crosses the stream. He asked the city take whatever precautions needed so it’s not damaged during back-filling and to make it safe, as he has seen children walking on it and hitting it with sticks.

“I believe our attorney has done a good job protecting us,” Randy Plum, vice chairman of the board said. “As long as we do our part of being there (at the construction site) when we’re supposed to be there.”

Board members discussed storing a seized truck in a bay at its storage site. Guillot said the Kingwood Police Department seized the truck, along with some drugs and a gun. He said the vehicle is now being stored at Snyder Towing.

Guillot said if the truck is left there for any length of time, the police department will be charged storage fees. He said the truck was also being held as

Board members unanimously voted to store the truck at its storage site.

Sewer Department Supervisor Nick Wolfe said his department is cleaning out roughly 40 pounds of grease each week from its sewer trap at Pine Ridge Nursing Home.

In February, Joe Seese, CEO and executive officer of Pine Ridge, met with board members to discuss the problem. At that time, Wolfe said his workers were getting 80 pounds of grease a week, along with some gloves and rags.

Wolfe said gloves and rags are no longer a problem. He suggested Pine Ridge put a restrictor valve on its system, so the flow into the sewer trap will be slower.
However, he said with the nursing home on lock down he cannot enter the building.

Wolfe said, due to coronavirus, he is alternating his staff to three on duty and three off. He said that ensures there is always a crew available. He is also telling his crews not to ride together unless it is absolutely necessary, to wear gloves and to maintain a six-foot distance.

Board members tabled a discussion about the purchase of a new truck until they can gather more information, and the coronavirus is over.

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