Letters to the Editor

March 4 letters to the editor

Remember neglected roads come November
I want to say thanks for the article by Mr. Weber, “Residents betrayed by tabled Randy’s Dream.”
Weber was right on and one of the best letters that I have read. He is right — we as voters should remember this November that we need a change in our representatives — both parties.
All people have to do is travel some of the back roads and even Route 50 East to realize how much our roads have been neglected. The grates that are suppose to drain the water are full of leaves and trash, then the water runs across the roads, causing hazardous conditions. Take the grates out or fix them so all the smaller items can wash through the pipe.
Wesley T. Wolfe

Stop calling all Democrats ‘socialists’
I am already getting emails from conservative-Republican candidates calling all Democrats “socialists” when I don’t think that any of the national Democrats are truly socialists at all. None. To me, they are all “liberals” and “progressives” who are not advocating for the abolition of our market-based capitalist economic system and who simply want to develop a more “humane” capitalism, which has more new, federal government social programs to help people.
They want the U.S. to be more like Canada, western Europe and Scandinavia. I don’t consider these countries to be “socialist.” These countries do not consider themselves to be “socialist.” Only U.S. conservative-Republicans do. People like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not true socialists.

Stewart Epstein
Rochester, N.Y.

Sen. Manchin must
treat all voters equally
I am writing to tell you that gubernatorial candidate Stephen Smith spent his lunch hour in my home, because he knew that I was unable to get out of bed because my wheelchair is broken. As of today, he has my full support as governor. We must get someone in there who cares about all West Virginians, and I believe Stephen is that man.
I believe my next sentence may disappoint some, but it is a choice that has to be made in this time in the political arena. I am lending my support to Joe Manchin III, and he has my vote. He voted for Trump to have a fair trial of his peers and the American people. That did not happen, but those who know me know that Trump will never get my vote. The closest thing he could get is a conversation.
Joe and I are not enemies. But, Joe could take a lesson from Trump. As long as you are in Washington with Shelly Moore Capito, you will probably have my vote. You must treat all voters equally, and it has been way too many years since you promised to introduce me to Bill Clinton. I remember it like yesterday: You were trying to ask our help to get you to Washington, D.C. Well, Joe, you have been there for years. When is it my turn? When William Jefferson Clinton is in a hearse? I think not. My time is now. I urge a call from you yourself, Joe.

Vicki L. Shaffer

Road fund allocation bill killed despite support
I see that HB 4120 (requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a formula for allocating road funds among districts) was killed by Jim Justice and Republican leadership last week. Last year, the bill passed both the West Virginia House and Senate virtually unanimously but was vetoed by Jim Justice before it became law. HB 4120 originated in our voting district and all our House representatives co-sponsored the bill. Our delegates Evan Hansen and John Williams have calculated that Mon County has lost tens of millions of dollars because a transparent, formula-driven road fund allocation process does not exist.

It is clear there is huge bipartisan support for transparent and equitable road maintenance procedures. It is also clear our state and district are being held hostage to a few special interests who are using our hard-earned road dollars for their own personal political favors fund.

In November, I’ll be voting to remove the people most responsible for this travesty.

Steve Runfola