Letters to the Editor

March 2 letters to the editor

Informed citizenry
critical to democracy
Someone once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” All of us should strive to make this a better world during the time we are fortunate enough to live on planet Earth.

God has given us the greatest country in the world. From “sea to shining sea” we have the greatest resources and people. We must be good stewards and citizens in order to show our gratitude for this wonderful country called the United States of America.
We can’t say we are good citizens if we stand idly by and do nothing to address the many problems and tragedies we witness on an almost daily basis.
I am sure most of us become greatly distressed when we see the carnage which takes place when some deranged individual with an assault weapon opens fire on innocent people. We are also saddened when babies are taken from the arms of their mothers at our southern border.
When tragedies occur we hear some send their “thoughts and prayers” to the families of victims. “Thoughts and prayers” are admirable; however, I believe actions to help alleviate the problems we see must follow.

Some of our greatest patriots have warned us that the biggest threat to our democratic form of government is an uninformed citizenry which does not participate in the governmental process. We must keep informed in order to intelligently address the ills of society and vote with the knowledge of how our elected officials vote on vital issues.
I have read The Dominion Post for 75 years. It is a good newspaper with a great editorial page. Try it and get educated like I did.

It is a disgrace that less than half of the registered voters in Monongalia County exercise the precious right to vote and there are thousands more who do not take the time to register.

Someone I know checked on the registered voters in Monongalia County just before the 2016 general election. Only one of the previously 11 football coaching staff was registered. Hopefully, the new football coaching staff will set an example for the players and get registered.
I love to vote. It makes me feel good. I have never failed to vote in the 66 years since becoming eligible at age 21. Everyone should try it. I am sure it will make them feel good also.

John W. Pyles