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CMA Church of Morgantown hosts event to feed the homeless

The doors open downtown, but churches all over Monongalia County come to feed those who need a meal.

Debby Borrelli of St. Paul Lutheran Church said the Circle of Friends, a group that offers those meals, make sure that there are different locations where a meal is available.

The CMA Church of Morgantown offered their time and a meal this Saturday, but a meal is always available on Saturdays.

“We’ve kind of had to move around a few times for many reasons, but it’s just kind of a volunteer effort as far as where the space is provided and yet be accessible downtown,” she said.

Given that many organizations serve meals Monday through Friday, Borrelli said Saturday meals are provided with no service on the weekends. That’s how the weekend meal became available, which has spanned decades.

“That’s pretty much how it started. It was recognizing there was a need and so people stepped up,” she said.

Justin and Julie Beal came from CMA Church to volunteer their time to providing meals Saturday. Justin said its part of the church’s Feed the Homeless Ministry. People from the church set up and provide the meals. Some of the church offerings goes to provide things like drinks, chips and other needs.

“Today we are doing pizza and Papa Johns donated half of the pizzas we ordered, but typically we do have a home cooked meal. A lot of times we’ll do pulled pork and macaroni and cheese,” Julie said.

The volunteers hoped to see 50 people get a hot meal Saturday evening. If warming stations are open, they might see less because people are fed there. However, Saturday merited mild spring-like temperatures.

The husband and wife usually work with a 10 person crew but Saturday merited a higher number of volunteers. Justin said that’s helpful because other than serving food, volunteers can offer fellowship and sit and talk with those they serve.

“There may be a simple roadblock in their way and somebody here might be able to help relieve that roadblock and get them on the road forward,” Justin said.

CMA Church also offers community days and held a BMX event to get people involved and invited into their church community.

Julie said she and her husband have been richly blessed and it’s nice to
be able to share that with others.

“We’ve been blessed to have the gift of healing because we’re both nurses. We’re both blessed to do that so we’re also blessed to be able to share that with other people,” Justin said.