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Salvation Army wishes you a merry Christmas

This is one in the 12 Days of Christmas series with The Salvation Army of North Central West Virginia.   Articles  run daily in The Dominion Post through Dec. 24.

The bell ringers stand in the cold outside

The sound of the bells, no one can deny

The ring-a-ling we hold so dear

The sound of salvation to someone near

The dimes collected get counted each night

Working together to make futures bright

For the funds collected, don’t you see

Go directly to local families

To help the hurting find a place of peace

Where all their hurt can be released

To feed the hungry, warm the cold

Help the young, and the old

You know the shield does the most good

Giving to others, do you think you should?

Join in our fight to change lives

To help make sure a child survives

The Christmas season is all about

Giving to others, without a doubt

Peace and goodwill wished toward men

Be the change, time and time again

For the change you give to each kettle out

Will be the change you wish to bring about

Be a shield, a blessing, too

Make this Christmas about more than you

Merry Christmas.

For more information about the Salvation Army and its services, call 304-296-3525.