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2nd man charged in Terra Alta break-ins

KINGWOOD — A second man was charged in connection with a series of break-ins in Terra Alta.

Robert Allen Powell Jr., 29, of Terra Alta, was in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail Monday. He is charged with three felonies. Earlier Preston deputies charged Joshua Lee Reckart, 31, of Terra Alta, with five felonies.

 According to criminal complaints by Sgt. J.B. Childers:

On Nov. 29 he investigated a break-in at Ball Auto Auction. Security video, which included audio, showed two men inside. The man identified as Reckart called out “Help me, Bobby,” to the other man.

On the same day, Childers investigated a breaking and entering at Delano’s Carpet. Again, security footage showed two men breaking into the building and leaving with items.

Also on Nov. 29, Childers investigated the theft of a dollar bill changer from the Laundry Basket. Powell is charged with acting as the lookout in that theft.