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City to learn more about WestRidge

WESTOVER — Monday at a regularly scheduled meeting, Westover Mayor Dave Johnson made council aware the new sign in front of City Hall had been installed.

He also said a new sewer line had been completed on Delaware Avenue this past week. The mayor also said he spoke to John Lynch of WestRidge Monday.

“We talked about the next phase of WestRidge, the business part of it, so we’re going to try to get some dates where we can start talking about that again and get that ball moving,” he said.

Another annexation still on the table and financing were also things Johnson brought up. He said as soon as he had more information on further action he would bring it to council’s attention.

The initial phase of annexation encompassed retail business. As previously reported, the first retail businesses will open in spring 2020. Phase II is expected to contain development for office space.

Westover City Clerk Sandy Weis shared with council that a meeting with the Division of Highways yielded talk about the next phase of the Dunkard Avenue sidewalk project.

She reported the DOH changed the whole project and it likely would not be completed until 2022.

New business included a reading of annulling an easement between Lexington Street and Vincent Avenue. Council agreed on this at first reading.

In other news, Police Chief Rick Panico said council would soon receive reports at council meetings to break down what calls the police department receives.

He also said officers have responded to Morgantown Mall quite a bit and would be meeting with the security director and general manager to talk about taking better security measures.