Trick-or-treat! costumed kids celebrate annual affair

MORGANTOWN — While some are looking toward Thanksgiving, those in the Morgantown area enjoyed the last of their “Halloweekend” as trick-or-treaters took to the streets Saturday night.

 Dressed as cats, witches and their favorite superheroes, area kids and their parents went door-to-door collecting candy. Trick-or-treating was rescheduled from Thursday to Saturday because of inclement weather.

The Greenmont Haunt on Arch Street featured area residents handing out goodies, a DJ and a fire to keep kiddies warm as the sun went down. Heath Bolyard dressed as Clark Kent, Superman’s alias, was handing out candy to costumed creates. He said growing up in the country, he never got trick-or-trickers at his house.

“For 23 years of my life we never really handed out candy. So now it’s my turn to give back,” he said.

He said he wasn’t upset trick-or-treating was moved to the weekend.

“It was fine it was changed. I got discount candy today. It’s cheaper,” he said.

His favorite part about Halloween is being young again and reminiscing.

  Brenda Curry and Marie Bauhas also volunteered their time handing out candy to the kids. Curry lives right around the corner from Arch Street. She said she loves Halloween.

“I have children of my own and people around here are wonderful,” said Curry.

She also said the best part of Halloween is seeing the smiles on kids’ faces and seeing their creative costumes.

She said she was a little sad trick-or-treating was moved to the weekend. However, she said it was best for the kids.

“I want them to be able to enjoy themselves and they wouldn’t be able to enjoy this in the rain. The kids look forward to this party every year,” she said.

  Curry said the Greenmont Haunt is good for the neighborhood because it keeps area kids out of trouble.

  “It’s bringing the community together. It’s getting to meet new people and the kids are getting to meet new kids,” she said.

  Curry’s three kids still dress up and trick-or-treat, even her 16-year-old.

Bauhas said she enjoyed handing out candy to the children. Her 17-year-old son was also out trick-or-treating Saturday night.

“You’re never too old [for Halloween,]” she said.