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Sidewalk construction underway in Kingwood

William Wotring/The Dominion Post
Work on the sidewalk on Tunnelton Street Friday.

KINGWOOD — It should be smooth walking, driving and marching on Tunnelton Street during the Preston County Buckwheat Festival.

The State Division of Highways (DOH) started work on the street, which is partly inside city limits and belongs to the state. DOH spokesman Brent Walker said the work should be completed by festival time.

The 78th Preston County Buckwheat Festival will run Sept. 26-29 in Kingwood. Tunnelton Street is adjacent to the fairgrounds and a main route into town.

Kingwood Council has been working with the DOH for months to have the street repaved. At the last council meeting, Mayor Jean Guillot said work would be done before the festival.

DOH crews began to install and repair ADA ramps on Tunnelton Street sidewalks last week. Walker said the cost of the sidewalk work hasn’t been determined yet. Preston County DOH crews are doing that work.

Stone Paving will be doing the 0.92-miles of paving, from W.Va. 26 to W.Va. 7. That contract is for about $160,000, Walker said.

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