Westover Council

Westover Council talks Holland Wall, accepts paving project bid

MORGANTOWN –Mayor Dave Johnson said the section of the Holland Wall across from Paula’s on Holland Ave was completed at Monday’s city council meeting. Now, the city is looking to finish up the third phase of fixing the wall directly across the bridge from Morgantown.

                Johnson asked that council look at the wall, given there are two ways the wall can be fixed. Either the wall can be restored or can do a completely new wall.

                “I really need you guys to look at that because we need to get that wall done before the weather gets bad. We do have enough stuff. I think it might be a little more expensive to have it restored,” he said.

                Johnson himself is in favor of the restoration, but asked council to consider what they would prefer to do.

                Councilor Steve Andryzcik asked Mayor Johnson if the bid would be put out both ways. Johnson said if council wished he could put a bid out for both ways and compare the prices.

                “At least that would give us something to go by because I do think the restoration is going to be more,” he said.

                Holland Avenue itself was also a topic of discussion. Councilor Janice Goodwin asked if it would be repaired before wintertime. Johnson said it was not likely, but it would be patched. The Department of Highways must work with the city in order for it to be repaired.

                The city also received three bids for paving projects, which City clerk Sandie Weis said $100,000 was budgeted for the paving.

Bids came from Mountaineer Contractors, Parrotta Paving and Anderson Excavating. Anderson came in at the lowest bid for $24.99 placement per ton of asphalt and $3.99 for milling. After some discussion council went with the lowest bid. Councilor Gary Weber was absent.

Only one bid came in from Greer Industries for asphalt bids. Council accepted this bid.

In other Westover news, Edie Viola asked signage at The Gateway. Johnson that City Attorney Tim Stranko would need to be in contact with the Department of Highways before a sign could be erected.  Johnson said anytime a sign is put up it has to be cleared by the Department of Highways because it could be considered a distraction.