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Logo Zervos can be used in variety of ways for Trinity

MORGANTOWN — It’s hard to believe the change that a few years can bring. Logo Zervos is a prime example.

At the start of his high school career, the Trinity Christian senior was an average-sized guard with a propensity for 3-point shooting. Nowadays, he’s developed into quite a different player.

“His growth of his body has helped him significantly. He doesn’t realize how big, strong and fast he is, but he’s starting to, and that’s really helped us down the stretch. He’s well put together,” Warriors head coach John Fowkes said. “He’s the glue guy. He can play any position, one through five, and guard any guy one through five.”

Zervos played a crucial role in Trinity lineup this season, as the No. 5 Warriors (20-5) cruised to their second consecutive state tournament appearance. He rotates between all five spots on the court, depending on where the Warriors need him most at any given moment — with his lengthy 6-foot-3 frame, he causes havoc for opposing backcourts, exposes mismatches and has recently slid into a role as a primary rim attacker on the offensive end.

“He can control the ball, and he gets the ball up the court well. He can score any way he wants — he can shoot the 3, he can drive it to the basket, and he can score inside. It’s rare to have to ask a kid to play both guard and post in the same game, but it happens with him,” Fowkes said. More toward the end of the year, we’ve got him to realize that when he has these bigger kids guarding him, he can take it to the rim anytime he wants. That’s been a huge development for us in his game. He used to be just a 3-point shooter, and his freshman year he was a really small kid.”

Zervos has fine-tuned his skill set on the go, being tossed into a role which would have seemed like a foreign concept just one year ago. Adapting to the change was tough, he said, but as the season progressed he has developed into a dangerous threat that stretches the floor in ways that weren’t previously available for Trinity.

“This season, I’ve had to play the high post, and even sometimes down low. I’ve never really done that before, and just by sliding into that role I’ve developed those skills,” he said. “At first it was real difficult, but I’m trying to utilize my size more. I’m beginning to realize what I can do with it. Coach has started to put me into more positions in games where I can practice it, and that’s helped.”

The end goal for Zervos wasn’t exactly where he ended up — if you ask him, he’ll tell you he had different plans. One conversation with Fowkes changed things completely — and in his mind, if that change allows the Warriors to capture the school’s first state title in Charleston this week, it’ll have been worth it.

“I think Coach saw how I developed and how he could utilize me. I trusted him — he guided me along the way. He knew at first I would struggle, and he was very positive with me and kept trying to push me in the right direction. I knew if I trusted him, things would work out,” he said. “I knew our goal was to win a state championship, and if we wanted to, I was going to have to step up and do something that wasn’t comfortable to me.”