Tyrone United Methodist Church members serve dinner to Rosenbaum Family House guests

MORGANTOWN — Philip Cale has been lending a hand for nearly two decades.

Part of the Tyrone United Methodist Church, a handful of volunteers come out every month to feed those staying at WVU Medicine’s Rosenbaum Family House.

Cale said the monthly dinner was started by a group called the Good News Girls. After that group disbanded, other members of the church carried on the giving.

The church group was there Monday evening, making dinner for those staying at the house because they have loved ones in the nearby hospital.

Cale remembers when families used to stay at Ruby Memorial Hospital before Rosenbaum Family House opened.

“We start about two weeks before it’s time to come in, and we make up a menu, and that’s what we’ll bring. We’ll ask people in the church to donate some stuff. We don’t have trouble getting people to donate,” he said.

Dwain Rice and his wife, Thelma, have also been longtime volunteers helping to feed the families. Anywhere from 30 to 50 people are often expected to show up and enjoy the home-cooked meals. Sometimes, the Rices and Cale are the only three who come, but they always show up once a month, 12 months a year.

“They’re really thankful to get a home-cooked meal, they really like it,” Cale said of the families at the house. “They thank you over and over and over again to bring their dinner to them. They really like this,” Cale said.

Cale said they aim to make sure everyone is full after their meal. Monday’s menu included meatballs, mac and cheese, coleslaw and a home-baked cake.

“It’s just a good thing. It’s an outreach for the church, and we try to do this to help people,” said Cale.

The church is involved in other outreaches, including buying turkeys for those who can’t afford them.

Cale said the volunteers really enjoy helping out. Around six people will show up at Rosenbaum House to put the meal together. A few others will make the food and donate it for the dinner.

Dawn Powers is currently staying at Rosenbaum Family House with her family. This is the second time Rosenbaum Family House gave her somewhere to stay while a loved one is in the hospital. She said she is always shown compassion and care there.

“Someone always comes in and donates the food. It’s always a delicious meal. The people are friendly, and the staff’s very courteous here,” Powers said.

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