Joe Romeo’s I-79 hosts the Dog Days of summer adoption event

The Dog Days of summer might be over, but Saturday they came back for an encore.

It wasn’t because of the heat, but at Joe Romeo’s I-79 dogs and cats got the chance at being adopted at the Dog Days of summer adoption event.

Rachel Puccio, marketing director for Joe Romeo’s said Marion County Humane Society and Greene County (Pa.) Humane Society came out with their dogs and cats in hopes of finding them  forever homes.

“Joe Romeo’s pays all the adoption fees today for anybody who wants to adopt an animal,” she said.

Exotic Jungle and Mary’s Canine Bakery were there with free goodies and treats for the animals. Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic technicians were also offering free nail trimmings and ear cleanings for pets. There were free dog washes and face-painting  for the kids. She said there was “just a little bit of stuff for everybody.”

Puccio said the dealership has been putting on the adoption event for a number of years. She said the staff at the dealership is made up of animal lovers and love it when customers bring in their pets when they come up for services.

“We’re just big dog lovers here and so we just wanted to help the community out and pets is just kind of our thing,” she said.

Taking the care to pay adoption fees Saturday was also a way to contribute back to the community.

“We thought that it would be a good way to help the animals find new homes. Some people may want to adopt but they just can’t afford the fees,” she said.

People also brought their own dogs  to Dog Days. Puccio said it’s a day to bring the kids and the whole family, where dogs can enjoy treats and a swimming pool and people can enjoy the food and face-painting. Even if someone couldn’t adopt, they could bring donations to fill a truck for the humane society.

Puccio has a 7-year-old springer spaniel named London. Her mom and dad have  two bulldogs Mac and Minnie who are at the dealership a lot and are often seen on billboards. Her brother just got a new puppy and he also has a dog he adopted at another Dog Day.

She said last year’s event helped about 24 pets find homes.

“I think it’s important to advocate for the animals because they don’t have a voice of their own and they don’t ask for the situations that they’re put in, so to have people to help them is what we need,” she said.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Dog Days of summer are traditionally the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending Aug.  11.

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