Girl Scout organizes Paws for a Cause event to promote proper nutrition for humans and pets

MORGANTOWN — Jessie Walker is a woman of many talents. A junior at MHS, a Girl Scout, and 2017 Monongalia County Fair Teen Queen, she’s definitely keeps busy with extra-curricular activities.

Saturday at Krepp’s Park Walker held PAWS for a Cause which will help her receive the Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive. Walker said the Girl Scouts really emphasize that the Gold Award should go to something sustainable and have a lasting impact. It should also be something that the receiver should feel very passionate about.

“For me I’ve always had a strong passion for animals. I’ve always grown up with animals in my home. I’ve always had a love for them, especially dogs,” said Walker.

With dreams of being a dietician, she also has a love for nutrition and wellness, and making sure that people and animals can be the best version of themselves.

“I combined both of those things and created PAWS for a Cause. The emphasis is on wellness and nutrition in people and their pets, as well as general pet wellness,” she said.

Walker made informational poster boards for owners to gather tips for pet wellbeing, as well as a pet agility course for dogs to keep active and have fun. Dogs could also take a dip in a kiddie pool.

“I think that wellness and making sure that dogs have, and people really, have proper nutrition, have proper exercise. If a dog is bored and doesn’t get enough exercise they’ll be destructive, so by ensuring that they’re entertained properly, they’re happier,” she said.

It’s about the dog’s happiness, comfort, and health she said- which is very similar to the health of people.

Puppies that are up for adoption play in a cage at Krepps Park on Saturday.

Walker said to get everything together she had a lot of help from her parents and Girl Scouts. A lot of goodies were donated by PetValu and she asked other vendors to come out as well. Puppies from All Mutts Matter were playing, and ready to be adopted. Dogs could receive a complementary bandana and snacks were available to humans as well as dogs.

Walker said school is very important to her and she takes AP and honors courses, she also volunteers her time at Ruby Memorial Hospital, as well as volunteering her time with two therapy dogs.

The intention of PAWS for a Cause is for it to continue and the impact will continue to be felt. The MHS Humane Society will carry on the outreach. Walker plans to set up a binder of adoptable pets that will be featured at the local PetValu.

“Hopefully the information people that learned will be sustainable as well, and that people will always have that with them,” she said.

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