Annual West Virginia Tattoo Expo continues in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN — Tattoo enthusiasts can rejoice as the 6th Annual West Virginia Tattoo Expo continues today in Morgantown.

Rocco Cunningham, promotor and event organizer, said they expect to see thousands of people walking the halls of the Morgantown Event Center over the weekend.

Roughly 180 tattoos artists from all over the country were set up Saturday, and many local vendors were also on hand.

“Every artist was handpicked and all of them are professional tattoo artists,” Cunningham said. “They all work out of professional shops. They are accepted in the industry as a highly qualified tattooer.”

He said this may be the first time many of the artists have been to West Virginia, so the best part of the weekend is seeing them explore Morgantown and getting to know the West Virginia “we know and love.”

Cunningham, owner of Pike Street Studios in Clarksburg, tattooed at conventions along the East Coast for many years before deciding that West Virginia was a good spot for one. So he decided to put together an expo here in Morgantown.

It’s also an educational weekend, giving the tattoo community the opportunity to show the public what professional tattooing is, and what they should expect from a professional tattoo artist. Many tattooers that attend now have

West Virginia clients they tattoo every year at the convention.

“It’s a good networking celebration of the arts,” he said.

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