Group aims to honor more women veterans on the ‘Wall of Honor’

MORGANTOWN — A few years ago, Kip Price had an idea.

He and friend Judy Wilson asked veterans what they thought about being recognized on a Wall of Honor. The project then took off.

He asked for pictures of themselves and certain information — ranks, full names, branch of service, etc.

Wilson, whom Price credits with doing all the work, restored the photos.

“Judy Wilson deserves mostly all the credit. I just get the stuff ready for her and then she does her magic,” he said.

Price said they’ve collected a lot of photographs at the Fairmont Wal-Mart on its Wall of Honor.

It doesn’t stop there though. The veterans also are recognized at the Mountaineer Military Museum in Weston.

This year also marks the third year for the Veteran’s Recognition Christmas Trees. Wilson makes ornaments with veteran’s photos to decorate the trees. The duo also collaborates to make a veterans’ booklet — and all this is free of charge to America’s heroes.

“The first year we had 30-some, second year 86. This year we’ll have over 100 so we’ll probably get another three trees,” Price said.

Price is now working on a women’s veteran. He said there are only two women vets featured on the Wall of Honor, the Christmas trees, and the booklet.

“We want to try to get more ladies to participate,” he said.

Price said they want and need to honor the veterans.

“We’re here today because of what all of the veterans have done for us to fight for our freedom,” he said.

Price also credited Barb McVaney, from the Mountaineer Military Museum for helping to honor veterans.

“She just loves all the veterans that come and pay her a visit, and she honors them on her Wall of Honor, too,” he said.

Price, who is not a veteran, appreciates all who have served or are serving.

“We honor all veterans. We’ve met quite a few Korean War veterans, we’ve met Vietnam War veterans,” he said, “We’ve met Afghanistan people, Desert Storm people. You name it.”

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