Kids’ Day returns downtown

MORGANTOWN — Saturday downtown Morgantown hosted an event that even adults could be jealous of. Kids of all ages filled the street eagerly for the 31st Annual MedExpress Kids’ Day hosted by Mainstreet Morgantown.

An array of tents lined the streets with offerings exclusively for kids. Starport Arcade brought out games and offered a mini arcade for the kids who were jamming out to Guitar Hero or trying their luck at the claw machine. The weather was not too hot but kids could grab a snow cone to cool down. Kids donned faces painted like tigers or their favorite Pokémon.

Danin Greusel, MedExpress Community Involvement Manager was happy to be at Kids’ Day and spending time with families. At the MedExpress tent there was a teddy bear checkup station where kids could give Sniffle the Bear a checkup. They could also decorate and doctor crown and dress up like Sniffle. Attendees also had the chance to win a Yeti.

“MedExpress is proud to partner with likeminded organizations like Mainstreet Morgantown that are committed to supporting our families here in Morgantown,” said Greusel.

Greusel said her favorite part of Kids’ Day is having the kids come out to their tent and get excited about how everything is there for them.

“And hey, we’ve had great weather,” she said.

She said at MedExpress they treat patients like family, and they strive to get out into the community and show people they are much more than their healthcare provider.

“We’re your neighbor. We’re here to partake in this free day of family fun and be there for you,” said Greusel.

As soon as one Kids’ Day end, Barbara Watkins, Main Street Morgantown Executive Director is already getting ready for the next one. She said this year merited the highest participation of businesses and nonprofits present for a Kids’ Day.

“It is a lot of planning, but I plan a lot early so that the day of the event everything hopefully goes smoothly,” she said.

Watkins said she could not make Kids’ Day possible if she didn’t have the support of the community and all the non-profit and other businesses that come out and set up and do a free event.

“The whole community really comes together to put this event on. It’s not just Mainstreet Morgantown,” she said.

Mainstreet Morgantown is gearing up for a few more events inclusive of the High Street Cruise In and getting ready for Fall Family weekend and the Art’s Walk as Morgantown rolls into another school year.

“You know when I started working for Mainstreet we did four events, now we do 15 events throughout the year and we’d really like to do more,” she said.


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