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Adult dodgeball league comes to Morgantown

MORGANTOWN — Monster Dodgeball is sweeping the court at the Morgantown Learning Academy.

The co-ed adult recreational league gathers Tuesday evenings to participate in two hours of intense dodging, throwing, and running around the gym floor.

Leader of the league is local resident, Aaron Hess. Hess is the coach and referee of the sport. He wanted to bring something to the open gym that was inclusive, fun and athletic for all.

“It’s a really good venue for people to build confidence whether they’re extremely athletic or they’re just kind of putting their toe into it,” said Hess.

Surprising to many, a large number of the athletes are female participants. Agile and quick, they were sometimes the last standing on the team to try to score a win.

The balls are put at center court and with the blow of a whistle, teams run to grab one the balls. Hess directs each team, telling players who gets to throw, who is out and who is back in if a teammate catches a ball.

Before a recent Tuesday game, returning players talked about how sore they were after a previous dodgeball session. Although most players are smiling and laughing, there’s also tension on faces as the a team loses players to sit on the wall, from where they cheer their teammates on for the rest of the game.

The players are serious in the moment, but laugh and joke about previous rounds, and wish each other luck for the next one.

This community event fosters a friendly and inclusive environment that welcomes all people.

“It’s a really good opportunity for people who don’t usually get to play with each other, to have a totally different experience,” Hess said. “And it’s also one of the best workouts you’re going to get.”

Dodgeball is played from 7-9 p.m. Tuesdays at the Morgantown Learning Academy, 123 Discovery Place, near the Easton Roller Mill. Cost to participate is $5. Info: monsterdodgeball.net