The Bench showcases art exhibit

MORGANTOWN — The Bench partnered with the Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club to showcase its “Strawberry Cupcorn Unicake Free Wifi” exhibit Friday evening. The event started at 6 p.m., at Arts Monongahela on High Street.

Ineke Knudsen and Patrick Bayly are from The Bench and were there to   set up and organize the event. They have been preparing for the exhibit since the beginning of the spring semester.

Knudsen is the secretary at The Bench, which is an arts collective in town. She said the inspiration for the project came from wanting to do something that was more inclusive rather than just college students, so they decided to work with the kids.

Bayly, the vice president of the collective, said they did some previous art lessons with the members of the Boys and Girls Club before proposing the idea for the recent exhibit.

When asked about students reactions to the project, Knudsen said, “They like, loved it from the beginning. I thought they were going to be really skeptical. But like once we showed them some pictures of Sarah Sze’s work, they were just like ‘Yes! This!’ like it made total sense to them … I was very impressed when we would just have all this random stuff just laid out and they would just start working.”

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