Why You Should Consider A Retargeting Campaign For Your Business

Have you ever been shopping online, and when you left the site and went about your day perusing the internet you see an ad for that same item you were looking at on a totally different site?
That is essentially what retargeting display advertising can do. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to reengage with customers who have shown interest in your product or service by their behavior on the internet.


Let’s say your company sells grass seed.

Here are some examples of how we would use retargeting to reengage with customers:

Demographic Targeting

We could use demographic targeting to find customers who fit inside a demographic you’re interesting in getting your message to. In this example, we could target male homeowners, ages 18-65 who are interested in DIY (do it yourself), lawn care, landscaping, etc.

Behavioral Targeting

We could use Behavioral Targeting to find customers in your area who were searching online for grass seed or various other keywords that have to do with grass seed or lawn care.

Content Targeting

We could use Content Targeting to show ads to potential customers who are reading an article online about when the best time to seed your lawn is, or a blog about how to get the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Geo Targeting

We could use Geo Targeting to find customers in a certain geographical area who are searching online or reading articles about grass seed, say in a 30 mile radius of downtown Morgantown.

Site Retargeting.

We could engage with people who have already visited your website and follow them around the internet with ads by using Site Retargeting.

So as a company that sells grass seed, you can use retargeting display advertising to engage with just people who are interested in grass seed, whether it’s by searching specific terms, reading articles, or actually visiting your website. 
Then you will follow those people around the internet, reminding them that you have the best grass seed at a great price. These ads will lead them right back to your website where they can either order online or find your location and stop by to shop in person.
It may sound complicated, but our digital marketing experts make it easy to run highly targeted, cost-effective advertising campaigns that will help you get more customers. 
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How Retargeting Works:

How does retargeting work? Infographic

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