Why You Should Consider A Geofencing Campaign For Your Business

You’re having dinner at your favorite local pizzeria, when you take out your phone to take a quick look at something, and you notice the an ad shows up for a competitor’s pizzeria in the area offering you free breadsticks with the purchase of a large pizza.

That competitor may have drawn a geofence around the restaurant you’re currently in, and served you an ad to get you interested in trying their pizza shop instead.

This is one of the best practices of geofencing. It is an easy, cost-effective way to target customers who are in a specific geographic area.

Now let’s say you OWN a pizzeria and, with all the competition in town, your sales have been down.

We could use geofencing as a way to target all the competitor pizzerias in the area with your offer of Free Breadsticks with purchase of a large pizza. This will effectively turn your competitor’s location into a billboard for your business, because everyone who walks through their doors has the potential to see your offer. 

There are many ways to use geofencing as a great advertising strategy, and this is just one of them. The bottom line is:

If you know where your potential customers are going to be, we can help you reach out to them with a message or an offer. It’s inexpensive, it’s trackable, and it just works.

It may sound complicated, but our digital marketing experts make it easy to run highly targeted, cost-effective advertising campaigns that will help you get more customers.


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How Geofencing Works:

Diagram with icons of how geofencing is conducted.

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