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West Virginia politicians comment on Trump conviction

MORGANTOWN – Reaction among West Virginia politicians to the New York City conviction of former President Trump on 34 felony counts aligns with their party affiliations.

Trump was found guilty by a Manhattan jury Thursday of 34 felony counts related to a scheme during his 2016 presidential campaign to pay off a porn actor who said the two had sex. Whether he will go to prison will be up to the judge. 

State politicians

Delegate Mike Pushkin, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party: “Dems did not convict Trump. Biden did not convict Trump. He was convicted by a jury of his peers who heard the evidence, deliberated, and reached that conclusion unanimously. We should be proud to live in a nation of laws, not men, not despots. This is what makes America great.”

The West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women: “Thank you to the 12 jurors who diligently served and followed the evidence where it led to 34 guilty verdicts while under extreme pressure.”

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito: “The case against President Trump was politically motivated from the start. Americans deserve to have their voices heard through the ballot box, not expressed through a rogue prosecutor. I fully expect this will be overturned.”

Rep. Alex Mooney: “The only person cheering today is communist sympathizer George Soros whose biased New York District Attorney brought these very old charges against President Trump in a heavily Democrat area. President Joe Biden’s endless spending policies are fueling record inflation and hurting American families. I am certain Trump will appeal this verdict and will prevail in the end. He retains my full support and the support of most Americans.”

Rep. Carol Miller: “This is a sad day for the United States. This verdict is clearly politically motivated, and it’s terrible that politics has corrupted our justice system. When President Trump is reelected in November with Republican majorities in the House and Senate, we will ensure that people are punished for committing crimes and not because of their politics.”

Gov. Jim Justice: “What is happening in America? The guilty verdict against President Donald Trump is a deeply troubling and a politicized decision that undermines the principles of justice. The witch hunt against President Trump continues today.”

State GOP chair Matt Herridge: Biden and the Democrats tried to take Trump off (the) campaign trail. “Democrats don’t think that Joe Biden can win at the ballot box. I hope that we turn this travesty into a massive fundraising week for the Trump campaign.”

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey: “This isn’t justice. It’s a political persecution at the highest level. The entire process has been tainted by improper, political motives.”

Treasurer Riley Moore (GOP nominee to succeed Mooney in Congress): “This verdict is a disgrace. A sad day for our country. But President Trump will emerge from this stronger and he will win in November.”

Sen. Mike Stuart (former state GOP chair and former U.S. attorney under Trump): Biden’s lawfare and weaponization of our justice system against political opponents is now complete. It’s truly disgusting and demoralizing that politics, not justice, is the basis for today’s orchestrated witch hunt. They are destroying a nation for pure political power.”

Trump will be sentenced July 11, four days before the GOP National Convention. He has already said he will appeal his conviction.

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