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Four of five secretary of state candidates subsidizing their own campaigns

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MORGANTOWN — Secretary of State candidate Kris Warner remains the only one of five seeking the office to rely primarily on individual contributors to his campaign. The others are subsidizing their efforts through loans or donations from themselves.

Four Republicans are vying for the GOP nomination in the May 14 primary election. One Democrat has no opposition.

The figures come from their Primary Reports, covering the period of April 1-28. The next report is due July 8.

Warner is executive director of the state Economic Development Authority and brother of current Secretary of State Mac Warner, who is running for governor.

He opened the report period with $21,540.26 in his campaign account and raised $24,384.64 in individual contributions plus $11,600 at fundraisers in Lewisburg and Charleston. He also received $615 in-kind and gave his campaign an $841.49 loan.

Warner spent $36,441.73, leaving an account balance of $21,083.17. His totals for the election year-to-date are $110,113.85 raised and $87,272.74 spent. He has the $841.49 loan plus a $1,420 unpaid bill for a venue rental.

Candidate Doug Skaff is a former Kanawha County Democratic member of the House of Delegates. He most recently served as House minority leader. He stepped down from that leadership post last August, resigned from the House in September and announced his switch to the Republican Party in October, when he also announced his candidacy for this office.

He opened with $133,513, received $19,027 in individual contributions and lent his campaign $100,000.

He spent $224,233.43, leaving a balance $28,306.79.

His year-to-date totals are $122,839.85 raised plus $350,000 in loans, and $444,533.06 spent.

Ken Reed is a former Berkeley County GOP delegate. He opened with $243,104.84 and received $1,650 in individual contributions.

He spent $60,139 leaving a balance of $184,615.04.

His year-to-date fundraising total is $23,335. His spending and self-lending are close to Skaff’s: $105,543.34 spent, $266,823.38 in loans.

Brian Wood is Putnam County clerk. He opened with $29,935.46 and raised $2,050 in individual contributions. He only spent $558.97, leaving a balance of $31,426.59.

His year-to-date totals are $9,450 raised, $30,000 in loans and $7,978.51 spent.

Democrat Thornton Cooper is a South Charleston attorney who has served on the Kanawha County and South Charleston Democratic Executive Committees.

He opened with $5,050 and raised $5,099.68 in individual contributions, but $5,034.68 of that was from himself. With no primary opposition, he spent just $102.68, leaving a balance of $10,047.

His year-to-date totals are $11,554.79 raised — with $11,353.44 of that from himself — and $1,507.79 spent.

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