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Towing inflationary index to be studied by PSC

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia decided to begin a general investigation into whether to approve annual towing rates based on an appropriate inflationary index.

Parties interested in the matter were told to file comments with the Commission by June 17.

The action arose from a petition filed by the West Virginia Towing & Recovery Association in November 2023. The association said its members have not been able to capitalize on a yearly basis increased costs resulting from inflation.

The association asked that its members be allowed to increase rates for inflation based on the Consumer Price Index annually instead of having to file yearly rate increase petitions with the commission.

The PSC uses a similar process in dealing with solid waste hauler rates, the association asserted.

More information on this case can be found on the PSC website: Click on “Case Information” and access Case No. 23-0867-MC-GI.