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Planty Party brings community together for artistic exploration and floral appreciation

In a time where art is blossoming on every street corner and humanity’s connection with the natural world is rekindling, what brings the community together more than exercising our green thumbs and celebrating the artist within all of us?

This is exactly what local artist Meg Beatty AKA Moonrise Mountain Market aims to inspire with Sunday’s Planty Party at The Co-op.

Stop by The Co-op anytime from noon-6 p.m. Sunday for a free plant swap, vendor market and planter painting station. Local food vendor B.C. Mac will have a variety of signature barbecue and smoked meats, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches and more, with surprise specials available throughout the event. Next door, 123 Pleasant Street will also be open for bar service.

Although Beatty has previously hosted events centered around art, this is the first to specifically celebrate plants. Her artwork ranges from decor to accessories to functional household items, typically created with resin or fabric. Beyond creating art, plants are among Beatty’s greatest passions — a sentiment shared by many local artists, a communal interest that has led to collaboration on events like Sunday’s Planty Party. 

“We really just want to get everyone together to have a great day around a passion that they all share, not just for plants but for art, as well as the community,” said Beatty. “It’s just a great way to build a community space for each other. A lot of people get together at these kinds of events for their hobbies, and either meet their new best friends or find a new place to hang out.”

With the support of other local creators, Beatty aims to plan a series of similar events throughout summer and into the fall.

Sunday invites plant enthusiasts to bring plants for trade, with a free swap table for a “leave a plant, take a plant” system. Then, paint a planter for your new greenery at the planter painting station. Classic ceramic planters are available for $5, alongside $2 plastic planter options as a kid-friendly or clumsy-friendly alternative. All the necessary painting materials are included. 

Approximately 10 local vendors will have their hand-crafted work for sale, including Moonrise Mountain Market, Kula Tie Dye, Acute Peach Art, Jolly Jillian Sugar Socks, Daun’s Designs, Imagine More Love Artist Collective, Jools Hekate, Local Potheads selling planters and more. Proceeds from artist-curated raffle items will benefit The Co-op’s operations.

Beyond the market and crafting portion of the event, it is primarily an opportunity to get out and spend time in a positive community space with like-minded individuals.

“I think art and anything that people are passionate about, like a hobby, just breaks people out of their shell and makes them want to go do something,” said Beatty. “And that’s a great icebreaker when, especially the older you get, it’s harder to make friends or want to go out and do stuff. I think, after the pandemic, a lot of people are struggling with that, as well.”

As a community center and art venue, The Co-op, 131 Pleasant St. in Morgantown, hosts various events focused on community engagement and artistic endeavors. The Co-op will be one of five participating locations in Arts Council of Greater Morgantown’s First Friday for the Arts event, an exploration of exhibitions and artistic spaces in Morgantown. It will be from 5-8 p.m. May 3.

“I think it’s just really important for us to keep reaching out to each other and keep a healthy, thriving community for each other,” said Beatty. 

For more information, visit or Beatty’s Facebook page at Moonrise Mountain Market.