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1942 Tacos & Tequila offers authentic cuisine and numerous tequila options

There is no such thing as too many tacos. Morgantown already has many options when it comes to Mexican dining, but the community has found room for another in its heart (and stomach).

1942 Tacos & Tequila opened on Spruce Street in Downtown Morgantown in January.

The distinctive wall art and tiled floor create a vibrant atmosphere in which to savor authentic Mexican food. In addition to a full array of Mexican favorites, there are many Tex-Mex standbys such as fajitas and chimichangas. If fusion is your thing, consider the Birria Ramen, a combination of Japanese ramen with traditional Mexican birria stew.

If you’re after a taste of Mexico’s best-known alcoholic spirit, 1942 Tacos & Tequila doesn’t disappoint. It presents an extensive tequila menu featuring traditional and flavored margaritas available in both regular and “grande” sizes. I don’t know how many fluid ounces each size delivers, but as the larger size is more than twice the price of the smaller, one must assume it is very “grande,” indeed. Among the highlights are the “Texas Margaritas,” garnished with refreshing orange juice for a unique twist on a beloved classic.

Tequila fans will also appreciate the opportunity to sample the selection of tequila shots, including premium varieties like Reposado and Añejo. These types of tequila are aged in oak barrels, Reposado for 2-11 months, while Añejo is left to mature for 1-3 years. This process imbues the libations with a deep color and complex flavors from tannin and vanillin, producing a rich sensory experience worth the upcharge.

1942 Tacos & Tequila is open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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