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Gun auction brings in over $18,000 for the Sheriff’s Department

KINGWOOD — The Preston County Sheriff’s Department received a $18,822 check this week for guns recently sold by the West Virginia State Treasurers Office.

The check was the biggest in the state.

The event raised $98,636 to benefit the 19 participating law enforcement agencies that turned in firearms.

West Virginia’s Unclaimed Property Code allows local law enforcement agencies to annually turn over any unclaimed, seized or outdated firearms in their possession to the State Treasurer’s Office for auction. The proceeds from the auction are returned to the agency that submitted the guns.

“We’re appreciative of the firearms auctions the treasurer’s office holds,” Capt. J.G. Rodehever said. “We use the money for equipment and what ever public safety issues that come forward.”

West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore said the auctions are only open to pre-registered Federal Firearms License holders. He said in the past, the guns were destroyed but now they are auctioned, and the money goes back to the police departments they came from.

“It’s a win-win.” Moore said. “We are going to continue holding the auctions. As the state treasurer of this state, we put a priority on funding our police not defunding them.”

Rodeheaver said 110 guns were turned in for this auction. He said the next check will be larger because the department will be turning in 250 guns.

According to Assistant Treasurer of Records and Security, Mike Comer, West Virginia’s is the only state treasurer’s office in the country that allows the auction process to benefit law enforcement agencies.

Approximately 550 firearms lots were available for bid during this event.