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Arrest made on attempted carjacking near Mon Health

An attempted carjacking near Mon Health on J.D. Anderson Drive resulted in felony robbery charges for Anthony Michael Shuttlesworth, 30, of Morgantown. 

Monongalia County deputies were dispatched to the area of the hospital Wednesday evening for a man — later identified as Shuttlesworth — who was allegedly refusing to leave the premises. 

While on their way, MECCA 911 dispatchers advised the deputies that Shuttlesworth had attempted to take someone’s vehicle, according to the criminal complaint. 

On scene, deputies spoke with Shuttlesworth and the man whose vehicle he allegedly tried take. 

When talking to law enforcement, Shuttlesworth said he did not try to take someone’s vehicle, the complaint said. 

The victim, however, said Shuttlesworth approached his vehicle, opened the passenger’s door, and told the victim to get in the car and give him a ride. 

When the victim refused, Shuttlesworth allegedly told him the man get in the car or he was taking it. 

The victim said Shuttlesworth then got into the passenger’s side, pushed the victim, and told him he was taking the car. 

“Shuttlesworth then told the victim to give him a ride or he was going to kill him,” the complaint said. 

According to the victim, Shuttlesworth got out of the vehicle and appeared to be coming toward the driver’s side, seemingly to steal the vehicle.  

As soon as Shuttlesworth got out of the car, the victim got into it, and left the area to call 911. 

Shuttleworth is charged with robbery or attempted robbery and is being held at North Central Regional Jail. 

According to court records, Shuttlesworth was indicted in January 2023 on kidnapping charges after a man claimed he was held at gunpoint by Shuttlesworth and forced to drive for several hours. Shuttlesworth was found not guilty of those charges by a jury in April 2023. 

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